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Fiat has built an industry stronghold on technology attributes. For which, Fiat undertook acquisitions of intellectual properties in its growth trajectory. Fiat has subsequently created systems by seamlessly integrating technologies to undertake tasks and processes, as it developed niches identified in different sectors into business cases to provide sustainable solutions, and thus owns intangible assets in;

Rapid-nano Technologies: a soil stabilization technology that provides the basis for the enhancement of roadway infrastructure.

SWANET is a digital economy, for which its intellectual property right is held by Waste Professionals Ltd (WastePro.). SWANET implements the process-flow for waste management from cradle to grave.

Oiloff Africa: a liquid waste management concern with capacity in oil spill cleanup and recovery as well as petroleum product marketing.

Softool Scholastic: an educational e-learning tool developed for the enhancement of learning in the secondary school sub-sector.