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Fiat is in the financial market to source funds for its waste conversion projects which involve the deployment of an integrated solid waste management system. Fiat has thus appointed financial advisors to source $345million in order to establish WasteParksTM in Ibadan Metropolis to aid the collection of MSW from inner-city zones, the development of integrated waste management facilities, as well as energy from waste plants in three districts providing up to 60mw of green power. For the engagement, Waste Professionals (WastePro) Ltd. shall undertake enterprise resource planning for waste collection, transportation, and recycling. WastePro has thus set up a plastic recycling facility at Eleyele, Ibadan with the capacity to undertake 6000 tons per annum of PET. In addition, Fiat’s subsidiary Waste Conversion Projects shall provide environmental resource management to convert waste to products including Wastefuels – a refuse-derived fuel (RDF), Nouveau-F, an organic fertilizer, and WCPower – green energy.

FIAT in discussion with Oyo State Government.

for a concession on the collection, transportation, and conversion of 1500tpd of MSW, the concession of 9.4 hectares of Aba-Eku dumpsite at Ona Ara Local Government, and 2.7 hectares at Igbo Agala, at Ibadan North West Local Government.