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About Fiat

Fiat International Ltd. is an infrastructure and commercial development company. We offer engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services in the built environment space of the Nigerian market. Fiat is active in the agriculture, environment, housing, energy, transportation, and water sectors of Nigeria. With a history that dates back +30 years, Fiat has extensive experience in private and public sector initiatives.

Fiat’s development approach is focused on applying engineering-related strategies and technologies to local conditions in order to produce creative as well as innovative development options for growth. As you might expect, we have an excellent background of working with public agencies; therefore, providing a strong basis for future relationships while building a strong presence in the private sector market.

With head office at 13th Floor, East Wing, Cocoa House, Bank Road, Ibadan; Fiat’s EPC program balances safety, cutting-edge technology, and a positive environment on all its projects. Our projects are engaged with a high level of attention to customer needs, quality service, and unmatched robust specifications.


To significantly undertake major infrastructure-related projects in aviation, environment, transportation, and energy market to increase local market share.


To provide superior project management, design, and construction services within the Nigerian and the Sub-Saharan regions.