About Us

Fiat International Ltd. is a construction company formed from the spin-off of the building and infrastructure divisions of Open-Ended Ventures(Africa) Ltd.(OEV). OEV operates in the Nigerian engineering and construction market undertaking both small and medium scale construction projects which focuses on housing(residential, commercial, industrial), water, marine, and highway projects.  With the inherent business potential in Nigerian and the sub-Saharan African markets, and the desire to improve its overall profit margin; OEV spun-off its building and infrastructure divisions into Fiat International Ltd with a plan to shift its target market from the small and medium scale construction projects to the medium and large scale construction projects.  With head-office at 9th Floor, East Wing, Cocoa House, Bank Road, Ibadan, Nigeria; Fiat’s construction program balances safety, cutting edge technology, and a positive environment for all its construction projects.  Our construction program is provided with a high level of quality service, attention to customer needs and an unmatched robust specification.


To create a leading engineering, procurement and construction company in Africa which has a corporate social responsibility to build local capacity in engineering and construction by improving local content and indigenous access to qualitative education.


Fiat International Ltd plans to:

  • Significantly expand into the medium and major transportation market to improve profit margins and increase local market share.
  • Expand services and decrease costs by creating a dynamic business model and pragmatic accounting team who will anchor the potentials of the company.


Fiat International Ltd strives to offer the finest quality construction program to clients needing medium and large scale construction services, whether it be the development of office buildings, warehouses, estates, roadways, water works, power plant and other private as well as public sector works. Within this purview, Fiat maintains the highest quality standard of service in the engineering and construction industry.

Unlike many other construction companies that are solely concerned with turning profits, our primary objective is to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction that is achievable, and also deliver quality work at competitive market prices.  Within the company, we strive to work as a cohesive, harmonious unit focused on exemplifying our mission. Just as customer satisfaction is an intricate part of FIAT’s success, so is employee satisfaction.  That is why the founders of FIAT believe that employee satisfaction will make the company a success and is the key to our sustenance.