Strategy and Implementation Summary

FIAT’s focus is on three market segments: public sector – infrastructure, organized private sector – buildings, and medium-high tier real estate.  Our target customers usually look for functional, aesthetically pleasing, and efficient facilities that present a safe, durable, and convenient environment. They clamor for inexpensive infrastructure, functional facilities, and comfortable environment as they seek access to technological amenities that we can provide.

To harness our activities in the three market segments, we have created backward integrated programs that involves the building of production facilities for inputs needed for our core expertise.  As such, we are building rock mining (quarry), asphalt processing, and bitumen storage and emulsion processing plants to serve our public, organized private and medium-high tier real estate sector needs.

Rock Mining Quarry:

zenith_shanghai(2)The rock mining quarry is fundamental to the success of Fiat’s operations in the road building – infrastructure sector.  The production of granite chipping ½”, ¾”, 1”, stone base and quarry dust provides us with an economic advantage on our projects.  Although there is a proliferation of quarries in the different work zones(South West and South East especially), it is important for Fiat to produce granite chipping for its projects while selling the balance to third party buyer.

To engage our plan effectively, Fiat has negotiated a long lease for land area with a proven granite gneiss reserve located at Ibadan, Oyo State as a take-off site.  The identified location of the quarry is strategic as it is about 5km from Ibadan city Centre .  For the quarry equipment, Fiat is in discussion with Zenith Shangai, China in the purchase and installation of the equipment.

asphaltAsphalt Processing Plant: The development of asphalt processing plants are important to Fiat’s plan.  The plan involves the procurement and installation of Asphalt cement mixing facilities where asphalt cement and aggregate are combined and heated, proportioned, and mixed to produce the desired paving mixture based on Fiat’s asphalt emulsion formula.  Fiat’s plan involves the deployment of the mobile drum-mix facility as we build our capacity to own and operate the stationary batch facility which shall be engaged for major road construction projects.  And similar to Fiat’s plan to market and sell granite to third party vendors, the Fiat’s stationary batch plant, shall engage in third party sales on a cash and carry basis to create additional cashflow for its operation.  In the meantime, Fiat has entered into discussions with Speedcrafts, India to purchase a Drum Mix Plant DM-120 to start its acquisition of asphalt plants for roadway construction projects to produce the desired paving mixture based on Fiat’s asphalt emulsion formula.

road copy

In line with Fiat’s plan to provide value services in roadway maintenance, Fiat shall acquire and deploy the VSS Asphalt Rubber binder plant to produce less expensive asphalt rubber binder for Chipseals, Stress-Absorbing Membrane Interlayers(SAMI) and both Open-Graded and Gap-Graded Asphalt Concrete in construction and maintenance works.

Emulsion and Bitumen Storage Plant: Fiat shall develop an asphalt emulsion plant to provide quality emulsion products for its projects and again for third party sales.  The Federal Government of Nigeria which is a signatory to the Kyoto agreement has mandated all construction companies involved in roadway construction to desist from the use of kerosene as cutback for bitumen and must engage the use of emulsifiers for bitumen and asphalt production. In this regard, the setup and engagement of an asphalt emulsion plant is critical to the strategic development of Fiat.

bitumenIn respect of the above, Fiat is in discussions with VSS Slurry to procure the Emultech EP-125S-60 Emulsion Plant and the VSS Macropaver