Operations Plan

Our Operations Plan details:

1)   The key day-to-day processes that our business performs to serve our customers

2)   The key business strategy and milestones  that our company expects to accomplish as we grow

Key Operational Processes

The key day-to-day processes that our business performs to serve our customers are as follows:

Marketing Programs

Our most important marketing program is our clients’ and customers’ word of mouth. The only way to truly know the quality of our projects is through experience; hence we maintain the highest level of client/customer satisfaction.  We confidently believe that the high level of quality that FIAT provides will attract a strong demand for our services.

Also, we shall run continuous advertisement on the benefits of engaging our value based sustainable development program, as well as the advantages of residing in our estates.  In addition, we shall host seminars and stakeholders forum to discuss as well as educate consumers about our products.

Sales Strategy

Sales in our business are based upon providing customers with a functional facility and/or living concept befitting of their needs. We are in touch with the needs and desires of our clientele in order to best attract a consistent flow of roadway projects and incoming residents.

Human Resources

Fiat continuously strives to locate and engage appropriate human resource and personnel for its projects.  As such, Fiat’s strategy involves the continuous engagement in periodic advertisement and the creation of a database of potential employees who can also be engaged as contract staffs.  In short, Fiat deploys a flexible contract employment arrangement as to facilitate the quick engagement of construction personnel when needed.  Nevertheless, Fiat keeps on permanent payroll staffs which are integral to its function and operation.

Distribution Strategy

We prospect to engage in roadway construction which we note are strategic to the development of the engaging region, and focus on providing high-quality living in convenient locations with a wide customer base. It is important that we remain at the upper echelon in the quality range when compared to competitors. We can only do this by organizing and implementing sound plans as we accept responsibility for the quality of engagement on our projects and the functionality and appearance of FIAT properties. We have functional websites which catalogues our project profile and have an updated web site for anyone interested in our properties.

Strategic Alliances

In the execution of infrastructure (roadway, power, oil & gas etc.) projects, we associate with Open-Ended Ventures(Africa) Ltd (OEV) to engage in all necessary design reviews and project management while for housing projects, we depend on our alliance with Sketchpad Architects to assist in the layout and design of the housing units, OEV to undertake the civil and structural engineering designs while we engage Consem Associates to effect the mechanical and electrical design works.  Nevertheless, our numerous associations with supplier merchants have provided us the opportunity to procure building materials at wholesale bulk prices at all times.  Also, we have continued to maintain the services of Hogan Security on all our premises.