Success Factors

Fiat International Ltd is uniquely qualified to succeed as we possess proprietary technology, technical know-how and human resource capacity to efficiently engage in our field of practice.

Our services are superior to our competitors because we have a good understanding of our environment and engage sustainable solutions to achieve success on our projects.  We build durable and longer lasting roads which supports the economic development of any region.  The chemical road stabilizers(RN/DRP) that we engage on road projects improve the soil bearing capacity thereby providing the needed robustness to safeguard roads against overloading by road-users; a condition that public sector clients presupposes is a major factor in road failure.

Also, our management team has exceptional project experiences in the construction industry.  In the past three(3) decades, the team collectively managed about $360million worth of construction projects and acquired cognizant education to excel in the civil engineering construction market.  Our head-office is strategically located in South-West Nigeria from where our services are easily provided to our clients in North Central, South West, South East and South South Nigeria, and to Sub-Saharan Africa as we are able to mobilize quickly with our proximity to the Apapa ports in Lagos.

Our campaign to deploy our unique RN/DRP soil stabilization system(Rapid-Nano Road technology) is gradually gaining recognition.  We are already serving key customers in the region which our competitors are not.  These customers include Ekiti State Government, and Government of Osun State, in South West, Nigeria; and Kwara State Government in North Central, Nigeria. To this end, we have accomplished the construction of 73km of roadway in southern Nigeria and we are positioned for future repeat business and success with the State Governments.

  •  Keys to Success

The local content initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria has provided a commendable boost for medium and major construction works in the market.  In order to achieve a dependable position in this environment, Fiat must concentrate on the following tasks:

  • Expand our customer base through expansion into other stable geographic areas to retain a sufficient level of profitability.
  • Increase marketing expenditures by 15%.
  • Source and anchor corporate finance (debt and equity) of $18million within the next 12months to setup quarries, asphalt plant, asphalt emulsion plant, and provide working capital for executing projects.